Radiant's Advantage

> Radiant is the only full-service laundry and dry cleaner provider that has been serving preferred hotels for over 35 years!

> We are the only laundry facility that has a reclamation system since 2001 that is able to purify water for re-use. We reclaim 50% of our water usage.

> Radiant uses "Green Chemicals" resulting in PH Neutral linen – even your most sensitive guests with allergies, will enjoy a great night's sleep.

Our Full Service Laundry does all Rooms Linens as well as Food and Beverage tablecloth, napkins and specialty items with the ability of doing all sizes.

> Radiant’s Full Service Dry Cleaning facility is capable of doing all employee uniforms, Guest Laundry, Drapes, Bedspreads, Duvets, etc.

> A large number of our hotels have been with us for 10 to 25 years! Keeping long-term relationships and continually getting better as a company is a focal point of our principals. We set high goals and as we reach those goals as a team, we celebrate success. We continuously look toward to the next set of goals that will provide even better quality and service to you. Keeping Radiant Services "The" preferred laundry in Southern California is our priority.